This is Now @ The Clinton St. Theater!


Hey everyone!

Thanks to all the amazing friends and strangers who showed up for our SOLD OUT premiere at the Hollywood Theater! The screening was an incredible success. Here’s some comments we heard afterwards.

“It was like seeing me up on the screen – my life.”

“This is Now captures the need for spiritual and human connection in a completely real and authentic way. I’ve never seen a film like it.”

I NEEDED to see this movie.”

A joy to watch. The photography and composition are stunning. I wish I could hang some of those moments on my wall.”

For those who missed it, we bring you great news! Starting Saturday, This is Now begins a 5-day run at The Clinton Street Theater! The film will play every night @ 7pm through Wednesday, September 12. Members of the cast and crew will be in attendance at multiple screenings to introduce the film and for Q/A afterwards.

Bring your presence!


Stan Hall at The Oregonian writes…

“It’s difficult to find a more earnest and open-hearted movie than… filmmaker David Waingarten’s somber, semiautobiographical chronicle of a young man’s (Jef Greilich) wanderings between Seattle and Portland, trying to answer the big questions of life: Who am I? Where am I going? Is this all there is? Along the way, he meets a variety of more-settled people who dispense wisdom while admitting they haven’t figured everything out, either… It’s gratifying to see a filmmaker defy the shallowness of so much of our culture and make a movie about the things that matter.”

Ways you can help…

This film has been a labor of love for all involved, and we sincerely appreciate your support.


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